shiba Inu

Shiba Inu are a really famous and well known breed. They are the most doge-ious dogs ever, which is how they started becoming famous. Then they took over the internet with their greatness, fluffiness, and wow-ness. They are extremely cute and are your best sidekick if you ever feel down. There is this one awesome video of a shibe getting a nice deserved belly rub. hope you enjoy this 🙂

If you want to get a shiba-inu, I’d recommend it.doggo doin a wink


ps2>xbox 1 X

Know your facts

The Spogebob Squarepants Movie on the ps2 is better than your weak xbox 1 X or PS4 Pro. Know your facts

Oh yeah and I love that game. Just wanted to put that out.

This game is exactly the movie but split up into levels that you play. Also it includes lots of stuff that is not in the movie but the story was good enough for me to give it a pass. I loved every bit of that game so you can obviously tell that I truly mean it when I say that Xbox 1 X is ship. PS should thank that game because it is the only reason I chose the PS to begin with. Also Any console that thinks better graphics = better gameplay, You my sir, are wrong.

play the game and you will understand the greatness that flows out of the game.



If you use discord then you are one of the most lucky people. Mainly because you get clear voice, you don’t have to pay for anything, and you can text/message people as well. You can make it so you talk to them while gaming, which enhances your experience by a lot. And you can adjust your settings so loud people are quieter, and quieter people are louder. Just download it ok? k thx bye.

Oh yeah I’m not gonna just plug in that I have a discord because I don’t want people to know I have one even though everyone knows now that I write this down.


what is fanfiction?

fanfiction is when a mistake and a come together and end up in the trash bin for being the weirdest and creepiest thing you’ll ever see in your life. Undertale is coated with these mistakes. Not mistakes from the original creator, Toby Fox, but from the thousands of fans. Same with FNAF, and especially Sonic The Hedgehog. So what is fanfiction specifically? no. I’m not gonna say it. Just stay away from Tumblr and anything related with fandom. The more away from it you are, the more you can spend peace and time critiquing a game. I usually don’t critique games, I just leave a review (same thing actually). Not No Mans Sky though, that was a certain mistake. So what were we talking about? Oh yeah. NO.

Stay away

no one is safe around a fandom

no one is ever safe in a fandom.

Once You are a part of a fandom, you have contributed.


instead, adopt a pet today.


dogeminer 2

pls itz a very gud gam. I s0ld my bitc0ins too buy dog3coins. s3nd help.


Now that I put that outside the way, It is actually moderately better then cookie clicker. Yes, I know that’s an unwanted opinion and yes, I know anything with a cookie clicker format is unoriginal and designed for brainwashed people. But the only reason I’m talking about this is cause It has dead memes that have been in the dawn of age:      Shibu-Inu, or better known as, Doge. So What currency are you getting from clicking on the doge with a pickaxe next to a rock with dogecoins in it? why dogecoins of course! Once you get enough doge coins you buy helpers which help you mine more and blah blah blah. You know the drill, it’s basically cookie clicker. But with doges. And you mine. But no Minecraft references yet, so 0/10 terrible game.


Clash of clans

oh wow we’re reviewing a freemium game. This will be fun.

So what is Clash of Clans? It’s a disease that has taken my friends hostage and I need to pay to get them back. and by get them back I mean join them of being hostage luring other people who know me in. As you can tell, I have a negative review on this game. Why? read the 6th word (apostrophe words count as 1 word in my opinion and that’s how it should be). Now repeat it 10 times. Still don’t have nightmares? Well then I don’t know what to say. Everything about freemium games are terrible. The fact that this game has conquered and are holding all of my friends hostage and the only way to talk to them was to join the game. This game is everything freemium wants and ever could be. It has the overestimation thing, where once you buy something in-game it seems like a lot even though the currency and the amount you spend said currency in increases. It has build time, which is what made me want to hate this game so much. You have to spend days grinding just to spend days waiting (unless you want to spend money on both of those steps O.O)! Combine that and its popularity growth and BAM have the developers just became billionaires. None of this game is fun, it will drain money from you and make you suffer by waiting.


Actually 1/10, because there is a dragon in the game and dragons are awesome no matter how weak they are.



Razer is a company specialized in making items to gamers, including mouses, mouse pads, keyboards, controllers, headphones, laptops, and even phones! They are very expensive to buy, but can make you have a great time. Why? Well, they have lots of new computers with the most high tech chip, Intel core I7 seventh generation. I’m gonna do a quick rundown on chips. So Intel chips, right? They have a number after the chip called the Generation. then after that they have 3 numbers which are the range. Then they have a suffix, or 1/2 letters, that represents how good it is. Keep an eye on the suffix. then they have cores. the more cores there are, the better it runs. The max you can go is to get a core I7 seventh generation, a high range, and HQ suffix. Does razer have that? Yes they do. The most powerful one (I’m pretty sure) is a new Razer blade pro – 4K (GTX 1080) – 2TB. That is pretty extraordinaire right there. You can’t look at the number of the chip until you buy it, so try and keep the receipt if it doesn’t fit your fancy. SO overall, Razer is a good and well known company that should be thought of in the gaming realm when searching for Products of their assortments to buy.

*(not sponsored by razer)