Another project but less painful since its animation and not action-based.

Starts at 0:00

Universal logo and illumination logo plays.

Scene starts with music that repeats with “welcome to New York”. I’m going to assume that’s the name anyway since it becomes so repeated that it’s almost hard to guess what other lyrics might pop up.

Anyway, we are greeted with a cinematographic view of New York in the morning, starting from the statue of liberty to a park with autumn colored trees. Beautiful animation work.

Then there is a voice-over of Max (a dog) talking about how much of a great life he has and how he first met Katie, her owner. The voice-over is a great way to tell what had previously happened, but is one of the most overused way people do it. I would probably like to choose a new approach, but whatever.

Then there is a flashback on how he was adopted by Katie. He was in a box that said free puppies, and Katie picks him up. I probably would have done the same if I were writing it, so it gets a pass. Also it was only like 12 seconds long. the flashback continues in her apartment with baby Max getting the ball with puppy doll eyes.

Max then proceeds to say it was a relationship that was”…you know”. I’m pretty sure means like those angry friends who get mad at each-other for some reason but are still together, but you can never be too sure.

Max proceeds to talk about their “complicated” relationship while these scenes are playing:

Max barking away at pigeons making them flee, except one caws back at him, making him retreat back into Katie’s arms, frightened with the looks of Vietnam flashbacks

Katie finds a shoe torn and chewed up. She then opens her closet seeing Max eat most of the shoes.

Whenever Katie walks by the couch, Max wags his tail. When She leaves the screen, Max looks really depressed (depressed like when your order and Amazon takes the maximum amount of days it estimated to deliver).

They sit outside on stairs in yellow slickers while it is raining. Thunder and Lightning strikes, and Max barks at it.

Max licks ketchup on a plate that Katie handed him while she was washing the dishes.

They are sleeping in bed. Max kicks in the air and then stops when Katie pets him.

They sit on a fire escape and look into the city while eating dinner. Katie then hugs Max.


If I were writing a script, these scenes wouldn’t come in mind. So I think the writers did a pretty good job making people attached to the characters.

“There’s just this one problem that happens everyday…” Voice-over max continues to say as Katie tries to leave. Max has grasped her scarf, trying to prevent her from leaving. Katie say’s “I’ll come back tonight” then gives him a kiss and Max immediately drops the scarf. This shows their relationship is practically unbreakable.

Max does the following actions: “Okay sit” “Roll over” “speak”. Obviously he barks instead of speaking though. She calls him a good boy then leaves. Max wonders what could she possibly be doing. He falls and for the first time, SPEAKS ” oh I miss her so much.” Then the doorknob turns and then he says “Oh, she’s back, she’s back” while Katie grabs her phone she almost forgot and leaves. While she does that though, Mark changes from speaking to barking back to speaking. This shows that they are in a fictional realm “If obvious enough” where dogs speak normally and humans hear it as barking, and possibly the same thing with other animals. Also great voice acting by Louis C.K.

“oh come on, I miss her so much” Max continues to say as he waits by the door.

Well that was 5 pages and I’m bored now so bye.

No spoiler warning because nothing in this movie has took a turn or anything.


Grinding in videogames is like repeating a 5-minute process over and over just to achieve something that is slightly better off than before. Pretty  tiring, with not much challenge. Perfect examples include: Pokemon blue РPokemon Ultra moon, The Escapists, and COD games. You have to repeat a process over and over to have something slightly better off. Like better Pokemon stats, any item in the escapists, and COD gun add-ons. It is really tiring, which makes the game boring, Which is why you should quit those games before you spend your life trying to achieve something that tiny bit that builds up over 10 hours of gameplay. So try to stay away from those games.


Thanks KQED

Last week I went on a tour to KQED. It was quite a fun experience. They had so many lights and lots of cameras that were each controlled individually in the back where a crew sits. And that was just the stages. There were also offices where people write up new updates to keep up with news happening as well as the PBS, which is where they buy most of their content to stream. They even had a place where you can do podcasts, and if you are asking “wait, they do podcasts?”¬† Then check out their website! They even had a room dedicated to where the editor does his work. So thank you Rob and Mary Ann for giving us the tour. Your time you spent with us will be appreciated!

wizard of legend.

considering my main username is Coolicywizard, you already know that I am going to put an instant 10/10. So that’s what I’m going to put. You have to fight enemies, and the main purpose is to see how you handle against your enemies. I never made it past 1-2…, so don’t expect much of a review from me. But it is overall a good game with lots of unique abilities. It’s one of those games with water over fire over earth of water and a few more elements type of game, with a pretty good concept of a beat-em-up style game. You have a basic attack, a dash, a secondary attack, and a specialty. (In case you were wondering, the one you want to spam is your specialty) You can play co-op, which makes the experience overall more fun. And all the dungeons you get through are randomized as well, providing a new experience every time. You can gain crystal-like stuff to purchase more Spells/cards, which you can bring only the 4 BDSS (basic-dash-secondary-specialty) Cards/spells for the dungeon, but can also gain new ones along the way.


Buy it.

I have.

It’s only 15 dollars.

my name is jeff

my name is Jeff is the best thing known to man, and it is still funny to this day. This is a clip from 22 jump street where someone asks Jeff what is name was and he replies with “my name is Jeff” It will make your friends laugh too, trust me. If you do not laugh at this, then you do not have any sense of humor. It may be a sign showing that you have a dark and twisted sense of humor. So try and laugh, and cover up the shame of the never-ending gap between you and your nonintellectual sense of humor.

Steam summer sale

Save your money, its almost summer, and you know what that means. It’s time to save up money to spend on steam summer sale. Steam summer sale is a great way to get the best out of Steam. Look at all those prices. Can you not buy half life when its 80 cents? NO. Of course not. The prices are so cheap, and the deals get better over time. The more a games been out, the cheaper the price. Have you heard of Jesus? Well he probably invented this ship. This is just an early warning to save up money.