Call Of Duty

This is my honest review on CoD. Feel free to tell me your opinion by commenting.


Call of Duty WAS a great game. But then my opinion went down after a while. It had that golden moment for them. And how did they react? DLC, DLC, and even more DLC. You want a cool map? DLC. They added a New Weapon?, buy Lots of Keys for a Supply Drop for a LOW CHANCE of getting the weapon. It used to be good. Anyone remember MW2 (Modern Warfare 2)? That was the best out of all of them. Only one DLC map pack, and that’s all the DLC. The Storyline was the best part about it, and is worth playing over and over just to find all the Intel. Not going to say the storyline for spoiler reasons. But now, sadly, to play the game, It’s all just DLC. Zombies? 20 bucks please! Weapons? 50 Bucks for all the keys you’ll ever need for just a CHANCE! new maps? pffffffffft, just make it rain money up here! And that is what I think has gotten in CoD.



MissingNo is a glitch in pokemon blue/red, and It’s name stands for missing number. You can do a specific maneuver to find MissingNo. It’s cry/sound it makes is the “blank” sound, which is a Nidoran♂. It also duplicates the 6th item in your slot by a glitched number. It doesn’t mean you have an unlimited amount, but the glitched number just represents a number > 99(The number increased by the glitch is 128).


MissingNo is encountered by talking to the old man in the North of Viridian City. talk to him and he should show you a demonstration on tips for new people playing pokemon. After that, you should fly to Cinnabar island Immediately (don’t walk after the tips, just go to pokemon then press the HM to fly). Fly to Cinnabar island and walk to the right of the island in the patch of grass. After doing so, you should walk up and down until you get an encounter. run away from encounters that aren’t glitchlike. After a while, you will eventually fight MissingNo. Don’t attack, as it has tons and tons of health. Just run away, as now the item in your sixths slot has been added by 128. DON’T ATTEMPT TO CATCH MISSINGNO. It can cause game files to corrupt, and can make other glitches to appear. Such as random NPC’s walking around with glitched text if intractable (Only in Pokemon yellow). Hall Of Fame is corrupted do to the inability to store data as it has been trashed with MissingNo’s garbage files. If you battle with it, practically every sprite would be glitched.


The only thing you should use MissingNo is for the item duplication glitch, which my sister did.

Main source: Bulbapedia


Nintendo is a great game company, except everything is expensive. For one, they make game consoles more frequently than others, meaning if you buy the new console, they are probably going to release a new one soon. And considering a game is about 60$, and a console is around 300$, then that means five games are just as equivalent as one console. so you have to spend your money wisely. Like to not buy the new Nintendo 2DS XL, because It is just the Nintendo 2DS. There aren’t as good as graphics as there are of 2DS games. so yeah. Nintendo games are great, but I would recommend spending your money wisely

Xbox 1 X

I personally don’t really like the Xbox 1 X. If you don’t know, at E3 they announced that the Xbox 1 X was going to come out. All they did was up the graphics. that’s it really.. Then we have a look at the difference between PS3 and PS4 where they added TONS of new features. The Controller is different and lights up, they changed the home menu, they even added VR as well. Now we look at the “cool” Xbox 1 X. Yay 4K. “what, Did you expect more? no, we just have 4K, even though you probably won’t care about the graphics as long as its 720 p or higher. Heck, you won’t even notice a difference. Of course people will buy it, 4K is ‘THE NEXT GENERATION’ .” And that is how i feel about the Xbox one X


Steam is a way you can download and buy games! You can friend others, see what they’re dong, and play with them on multiplayer games. It is a fun experience as well. The more you use steam, play games, and get achievements, the more your steam level will be. Your Steam level determines how long and good you are with games, or you can use it to determine how long they probably played. Sometimes, in certain events, some games are on sale! Steam Summer sale, and the Steam Winter sale are examples of these events. You can save up to ____% on certain games. Also, steam is better than Xbox or PlayStation because get this, you don’t have to PAY just to use the internet. Xbox has Xbox gold, where you have to pay 15$ a month, 30$ for 3 months, or 60$’s a year, and PlayStation is basically the same story as well with PlayStation. But with Steam, you can just use the internet (that you use and pay for), without having to pay extra money for no reason. Steam also has has Call Of Duty, Watchdogs, The Escapists, and much more! So yeah, if you are to busy deciding between Xbox or PlayStation, just download Steam, which doesn’t cost any money (except for buying games of course). Also fun fact, Steam had 4K a long time before Xbox decided to get 4K on their platform.

The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2 is a fun game where you try and escape certain prisons. Some prisons are more difficult while some are very easy. Some prisons have an unlimited amount of time, some don’t.


Center park 2.0 is the second prison in the game, (the first prison is the tutorial) where it is the easiest prison out of them all. You can escape regularly by breaking out, or you can escape by pretending to be a camera man


Rocket League

eRocket League is a multiplayer game that is pretty fun. You can either play normally and professionally, or you can play Dropshot, Rumble, Dunk, Hockey, and Rocket labs.


Dropshot is a game mode where you hit the ball and make it bounce on the other teams side. The more times you hit the ball, the more it would charge up. When it hits a tile in the second stage, it would hit all tiles around the tile it its 3rd and final stage, it would destroy the tiles around the tiles around the tile it hit

  • Each tile has up to 2 hits before it becomes passable by the ball
  • You cant hit the ball in your own goal, the tiles wont destroy if your team hits it
  • However, if a tile is passable by the ball, make sure not to hit it in
  • you gain boost over time, no need to collect boost on the floor
  • you cannot pass through tiles that the ball can pass through, don’t worry!
  • The goal is to make sure the ball drops from the other team’s side


Rumble is probably my most favorite game mode. It is the same goal as in normal mode, hit the ball in the other team’s goal, but this time, you have items! each ten seconds an item spawns for everyone.

  • Magnetizer (the ball comes towards you when you are near it)
  • The boot (kicks other players, great for blocking goalies from hitting the ball)
  • Haymaker (punches the ball to the other side)
  • Tornado (any car or ball coming near you and goes in a random direction)
  • Grappling Hook  (you grapple the ball and come towards it and hit it in the other direction)
  • power hitter (Increases hit power, able to destroy cars easily and hit the ball to make it go really far away)
  • disrupter (Makes the car you target go full speed and unable to turn efficiently)
  • plunger (pulls the ball in your direction)
  • spike (makes the ball attached to you, Haymaker cant punch away but may delay you from getting to the goal in time)
  • freezer (freezes the ball in place)
  • swapper (switches place with whoever you target, good for switching with goalies


Hockey is a fun gamemode. It is basically soccer, but with a hockey puck instead of a soccer ball. It changes a lot of things because, 1. You can’t jump and hit the hockey puck, and  2. it would be easy to save a goal, since it is hard to get it in the air. If you hit the hockey puck hard enough though, it may go in the air. So if you ever get the chance to do that, use, it, because it would go over the goalies head and you’d get a goal.