5 mins of The Terminator (Painful project)

Starts 33:25 mins into the film

  1. Front angle shot of the terminator cyborg. Him with a serious face to put fear in the audience.

2. The next scene is people in the club dancing, no terminator in sight. Why? Because its POV of the Terminator. The music adds fear to whats going to happen.

3. Back to the serious front angle position, and back to the POV. But then the people dancing happily clears up out of the way to reveal the woman (Sarah) the cyborg wants to get slowly looking towards him.

4. Next scene is a standard body shot of the hero who pulls out a shotgun from out of his coat when he see’s the cyborg. It’s thrilling.

5. Next scene is a standard body shot of the Terminator pulling out his pistol from under his coat. Will he get her before getting shot?

6. Next scene is a standard shot of the hero pushing other people out his way to get a clear shot to hit terminator.

7. Next is a standard shot of the Terminator aiming his gun toward Sarah (offscreen) Heartbeats fills the audience

8. Next is a split second SS (standard shot) of the hero pushing the last lady out the way to aim on The Terminator.

9. Next is a split second SS of the Terminator aiming his gun to be more accurate.

10. Next is a close up shot of Sarah with a scared look on her, with a laser pointed on her forehead.

11. Next is Sarah’s POV with the Terminator’s pistol pointed with a red light (laser from pistol) effect with a scream. If it were me, I would scream too.

12. Next is a SS of the hero shooting his shotgun at the terminator. More screaming, continuing the fear of whats going to happen.

13. Basically a split second SS of the Terminator moving his pistol to the left spinning, flinched from the shot. Is she saved?

14. Next is a SS of the Lady falling down of her chair. Provokes reason to think she might be dead.

15. Another split second SS of the hero shooting another shot into the Terminator. Makes people think the cyborg might be dead.

16. Next is a split second SS of the Terminator turning a 180 looking at the hero. Oh no, what might happen next?

17. Guess what? Another split second SS of the hero shooting another shot into the Terminator again.

18. A split second SS of the Terminator getting flinched.

19. Another split second SS of the hero putting another shot into The Terminator.

20. Another split second SS of the Terminator getting flinched. This is way too repetitive, but it works because its basically under the span of 2 seconds.

21. A SS with the lady behind a chair, and the she looks up towards the fight, proving she is not dead. with people running over her going towards the exit.

22. Oh, wow, cool, another split second SS of the hero shooting the Terminator.

23. And another split second SS of the Terminator getting flinched, this time falling to the ground. Is he dead?

*Cough Cough*

(I might as well just ctrl c ctrl v the previous statement and hope no one notices at this point. But you’re still reading this so I might as well continue. )

*Cough Cough*

24. A split second SS of three standard people trying to run away

25. Screaming with a split second SS of a herd of people running towards the exit

26. Back to a split second SS of one of the three standard people who fell on the ground protecting her head with a stampede of people running past her.

27. A Close-up of The Terminators hand on the ground. Is the Cyborg finally dead after 5 FLIPPIN SHOTGUN BARRELS IN HIS CHEST?!?!?!? No. His hand moves a little after like 1 second of showing it.

28. A close-up of his face on the ground with his eyes opening wide.

29. A SS of the Cyborg lifting his head up.

30. A SS of Sarah getting back up on her feet and running away offscreen.

31. A SS of Step 1 of the Terminator getting up on his feet.

32. A random person letting go of a woman in a pink sweater (possibly girlfriend) as the hero makes them split.

33. A downwards angle shot of step 2 of the Terminator getting on his feet pointing his gun offscreen.

34. A split second SS of cups breaking in the background from the bullets of the gun. No one on screen but shows the The Terminator is shooting his gun.

35. A 0.25 second SS of the random guy. He flinches back and dies from the shot. No one feels anything sad because we don’t know him.

36. Another SS continuing with a maid in the back crouch-running and the hero taking cover as the random guy dies.

37. A 0.25 second SS behind the Hero who prepares to jump over the counter

38. Another 0.25 second SS of him but over the counter showing him continuing to jumping over the bar and successfully hiding behind the counter.

39. A 0.10 second SS of the Terminator shooting (probably, it’s offscreen) the bar.

40. A SS of the bar counter with the cups on it being shot. The camera positioning doesn’t show The Hero, though.

41. A SS of the peoples legs running, and one person even picking up their purse.

42. The next is a SS of their peoples faces, showing great fear and anxiety. One person in a white shirt trips on a table and falls.

43. A SS of the Terminator with his gun in hand. He looks for just like 0.05 seconds away when the (44) next transition brings a SS of the hero to look over the counter and take a Shot

45. A SS of The Terminator who notices and jumps

46. A SS of the Hero who shoots his shotgun and hides back into cover with lots of glass shards flying everywhere from the bullets hitting the shot glasses.

47. A SS of The terminator continuing to shoot the bar.

48. A close up of wine bottles on the counter being destroyed.

49. A SS of the Terminator shooting, then remembering about Sarah and tries to follow. where she ran.

50. A close up of the Terminators face looking over to a direction

51. A close up of Sarah’s hair as she runs away with someone following up. It shows how she might be alive with the woman covering her back.

52. A close up of The Terminator who see’s Sarah and points his gun in that direction.

53. A close up of the Terminator with his gun in front of him shooting.

54. A SS of Sarah running away with the white shirted woman behind her

55. A SS of the woman falling down and collapsing on her. She screams.

56. A SS of the Terminator looking towards his right, probably at the shotgun hero.

57. A SS of The Hero who makes a leap and manages to avoid all the bullets and go offscreen.

58. A SS of The Terminator who continues to shoot at him. The Angle makes it so that it doesn’t show the Hero

59. A SS of the Hero doing a Somersaulting to get to a wall and then safe.

60. An over the shoulder shot of the Terminator continuing to shoot the glass above and metal around, creating sparks everywhere.

61. a SS of The Hero while taking cover and not moving. I would take the time to reload, but I guess he might have been doing that.

62. SS of The Terminator who continues shooting the glass

63. He still is standing, not getting hit, because he is safe.

64. SS of the Terminator who thinks he’s all done and walks to finally get Sarah.

65. A SS of Sarah who tries and moves out the body of the woman who was on her.

66.  Standard shot of the Terminator walking closer and closer. The Suspense is rising

67.  Standard shot of Sarah still panicking, can’t get the dead woman off her body

68.  (SS) The Terminator holds his gun while walking ever so closer. Can Sarah survive?

69. SS of Sarah still trying to get the body off her.

70. Over the shoulder shot of Sarah and the Terminator. The Terminator reloads his gun and…

71. (Over Terminators Shoulder) The Hero is behind him, and while jumping shoots his shotgun at the Terminator.

72. (SS) The Terminator gets Stunned, slowly falling

73. The Hero shoots another shot again.(SS)

74. (Over Sarah’s shoulder) The Terminator gets blown off with the shot.

75. (SS of the Terminator) The Terminator gets shot again, still stunned.

76. (SS of the hero) The Hero shoots once again. How is Terminators cyborg spine that good to handle that? We’ll never know.

77. (SSOTT) Terminator gets shot again… How surprising.

78. (SSOTH) He Shoots once more…

79. (SSOTT) He gets shot far enough to break through the glass windows of the club.

80. (SSOTT) Same thing, just the camera is on the ground

81. (SSOTT) It’s focused and centered around the head around the glass shards, but the camera positioning is still on the ground. You can see people running away screaming as well.

82. (SS on the hero and Sarah) The Hero crouches down next to Sarah.

83. (SS closer on hero and Sarah) “come with me if you want to live”-hero

84. (close up on the terminator) The Terminator gets off the ground with same camera positioning as 81

85.  (SS across the sidewalk, still on terminator) Terminator continues to get up.

86. (SS position 83.) Sarah grows into a shocked expression with the Hero yelling “COME ON”

87. (SS po. 85.) Terminator is still slowly but surely, coming up.

88. (SS po. 83.) Sarah and the Hero run back where they where with Terminator following.

89. (SS on Terminator going through door) Terminator continues to walk up to them

90. (sort of Undershot of Sarah and the hero) They continue running. The Camera angle show them as if they were a little larger than normal.

91. (SS of Hero and Sarah) They continue to run away. The camera next is next to an oil barrel.

92. (Undershot of terminator) The Terminator continues to Run along, hoping to catch up. The Camera positioning makes him look really tall, and looks like he could beat them with a knockout punch.

93. (SS on Sarah and the Hero) They burst through the back door and then run down the alleyway.

94.(SS on Sarah and Hero) They continue running really fast. The camera could have been better placed to show where they where going in that shot, but still well done.

95. (SS on Terminator) Terminator Bursts through the door running after them. Maybe they could have done an undershot like the one before but good overall since he showed no mercy to the door.

96. (SS on Hero and Sarah) They continue to run while Hiro is readying up his gun as well. Camera could have been more focused and close on the gun, as it is their means of survival.

97.(Undershot on Terminator) He continues to run after them. Heavy music plays, creating more fear than his swell looks.

98. (SS on Hero and Sarah) They are still running, but Sarah is breathing heavily and falls a little behind hero, as Hero checks behind him. Camera should show where they are going though.

99. (Undershot close-up Of The Terminator’s face) This positioning makes it really great for The audience to guess what happens next.

100. (POV of Terminator) His system tracks and scans the Hero and Sarah while they are running. This makes you realize more that he is more of a robot cyborg than a human.

101. (SS of Hero and Sarah.) Hero and Sarah are still running, but Terminator is catching up. I think they should focus on the gun though…

102. (POV of terminator) He is still scanning them. They get closer to the cars.

103. (Undershot Close-up of the terminator) He looks so scary. They did a good job with this shot.

104. (SS of Hero and Sarah) They reach the Hero’s car. The Hero opens the car door and uses it as cover as he shoots some shells.

105. (SS of the back of the car) The car is about to blow up. Hopefully they do it in time.

106. (Underside close up of the Terminator) He is still pretty scary with that angle.

107. (SS of Hero & Sarah) Hero shoots one more shot.

108. (SS of the back of the car) An explosion happens.

109. (SS behind Hero and Sarah) They watch as the car explodes.

110. (SS of Sarah and Hero) The Car door blocks Sarah and Hero, but that’s good because it also probably blocked lots of the heat and scraps.

111. (overview of the car) This camera angle shows not much since they are in a alleyway but still a nice touch.

112. (Close up of Sarah and Hero) Hero checks behind him Probably to go in reverse.

113. (Undershot of Terminator) The Terminator is menacing considering its an undershot of him who survived an explosion hurling towards the car on fire.

114. (Close up of Sarah and Hero) Sarah gasps and shock. Probably amazed on hows The Terminator is still living,

115. (Menacing undershot of The Terminator) The Terminator punches through the glass. He is pretty scary

116. (Sideways shot of The Terminator) He is terrifying

117. (Close up of Sarah and Hero) Sarah reacts and screams at The Terminator. I would too if in that situation.

118. (SS of Terminator and the car.) The car is swaying from side to side. Probably to get rid of the terminator.

119. (Close up of Sarah, Hero, & Terminator’s arms) The terminator pulls on Sarah, to which Hero pushes her back.

120. (SS across bumped car) They drift and slam into a parked car, where the Terminator rolls across and falls down.

121. (Camera po. In a cop car) The Cop thinks it was a hit and run, to which he was wrong. But who can blame him?

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